Two Quit Smoking Hypnosis Programs!


Quit Smoking Hypnosis Smoking Cessation

The “Motivated Smoker” quit smoking hypnosis program is designed for someone who is highly motivated to quit smoking. These people have usually been a smoker for less than fifteen years and may have have quit before, sometimes several times, but for some reason start back up again. This program is a two session program with appointments scheduled 4 – 5 days apart.

You will probably stop smoking after the first session but this is a two part series and the second session is crucial for obtaining permanent results.  YOUR success is OUR success!

The “Long-Term Smoker” program is for the person who has tried many times to quit but have found it to be a very stressful experience. Stressful to the point that family members may have told them ” Please, for our sanity and yours, you need to start smoking again!!”  These people generally have smoked 20+ years and have a deep emotional attachment to smoking that needs to be neutralized. To properly address this emotional attachment and get permanent results usually takes 4 – 5 sessions.

The first session begins the process by creating the essential development of hope and motivation. They will begin to experience stress relief and some improvement after the first session but the real depth of the program begins in the second session. Each subsequent session is different and part of program where each session builds on the previous ones to give you the greatest chance of succeeding with your goal of becoming a non-smoker.