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Baseball Hypnosis


Sports hypnosis can help you take your game to the next level. This is the secret that many professional and olympic level athletes use to reach their peak athletic performance.

Yogi Berra said ” Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical.”

It is true that a significant part of sports is physical ability but what tends to make a good player great is the mental side of the game. Physical abilities are enhanced or impeded depending on the mental state of the athlete. Make a bad play and it can affect the rest of your game. Having a bad game or two can lead to a struggling season.  Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete in a slump or you would like to take you game the next level, sports hypnosis can make the difference!  No matter what your sport is – baseball, golf, hockey, tennis, running, soccer….    hypnosis can put your athletic performance into the zone and give your physical ability that dramatic surge to the next level!

Ken offers a Mental Toughness program through SportsMentalToughness.ca that sports hypnosis can be added to if the client needs to make a deeper level of change to achieve their goals. Mental Toughness training is extremely effective all on its own to help athletes play to their potential. Sports hypnosis can be added to take your performance to a deeper level if needed.


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