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Hypnosis Improves Shooting Performance In Basketball

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Can Sports Hypnosis Improve Your Basketball Game?


Basketball Sports Hypnosis


Sports Hypnosis Basketball


Have you ever thought about can sports hypnosis improve your basketball game?

A small study done with basketball players showed promising benefits to the use of hypnosis in sports improvement.

Published in the Sports Psychologist Journal the study found that the use of hypnosis increased the players ability to shoot 3 point shots and kept them in a more confident and relaxed state.


Pates, John; Cummings, Andy; Maynard, Ian
March 2002
Sport Psychologist;Mar2002, Vol. 16 Issue 1, p34



This study examined the effects of hypnosis on flow states and three-point shooting performance in 5 collegiate basketball players. The investigation utilized an ideographic single-subject multiple baselines across subjects design combined with a procedure that monitors the internal experience of the participants (Wollman, 1986). The method of intervention utilized in this study involved relaxation, imagery, hypnotic induction, hypnotic regression, and trigger control procedures. The results indicated that all five participants increased both their mean basketball three-point shooting performance and their mean flow scores from baseline to intervention. There were no overlapping data points between the baseline and intervention for either performance or flow state. Additionally, each participant indicated that they had felt the intervention was useful in keeping them confident, relaxed, and calm. These results support the hypothesis that a hypnosis intervention can improve three-point shooting performance in basketball players and increase feelings and cognitions that are associated with flow.

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